Liver Transplant Recipient Gifted Dachshund For Her Make-A-Wish

In July, young Shirley faced a critical health crisis when she was rushed to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt due to liver rejection. In the midst of preparing for a liver transplant, Shirley found comfort in her family’s unwavering support and a plush Dachshund toy gifted by her brother-in-law from the hospital’s gift shop. This toy became her steadfast companion during each shot and IV treatment.

To bring additional joy to Shirley during her recovery, Tractor Supply and Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee collaborated to present her with a special gift. Shirley was introduced to Miss Valentina, an adorable pet who will undoubtedly provide companionship and happiness as she continues her health journey.

This heartfelt gesture highlights the importance of community support and small acts of kindness in making a difference in the lives of those facing medical challenges. Shirley’s family remains grateful for the continuous support and the moments of joy that have helped them through this difficult time.

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