Inspiring Call To Action Issued By Organ Donor Recipients To Encourage More Donors

More than 100,000 people are waiting for life-saving organ transplants, with over 6,000 dying each year while waiting. Organ recipients Liz and Angela shared their stories of having to leave New York to receive transplants due to the shortage of donors in the state. They now work with Donate Life to encourage more people to sign up as donors. Brian cousin, a former employee of West her, recently passed away and donated his organs to save lives. Donate Life emphasizes the importance of organ donation, with one donor capable of saving eight lives and benefiting 75 others. New Yorkers are urged to sign up as donors on their driver’s licenses. For more information, visit

The urgent call for more organ donors has been underlined by organizations like Donate Life as over 100,000 people remain on a waiting list for life-saving transplants. Highlighting this critical need, individuals like Liz Janice and Angela Kosi shared their experiences of having to travel outside New York state to secure organ transplants due to the shortage of donors. The heart-wrenching reality is that more than 6,000 people die annually while awaiting organ transplants, emphasizing the pressing need for donors.

Both Janice and Kosi, who received heart transplants in different states, now advocate for organ donation and work closely with Donate Life. Their advocacy was recently demonstrated at a press conference in West her, where they shared their stories and emphasized the impact of one person’s decision to donate organs. The tribute also acknowledged the life-saving role of organ donors, like the late Brian Cousin, who selflessly saved the lives of others by donating his organs, inspiring hope for more individuals to sign up as donors and potentially save many lives.

The poignant testimonies of Janice and Kosi underscore the crucial role of organ donors in saving lives, with Janice urging New Yorkers to register as donors to provide hope for those awaiting transplants. The significance of organ donation cannot be overstated, with one donor capable of saving eight lives and improving the quality of life for dozens more. As the need for organ donors remains critical, information on how to register as an organ donor and the impact of individuals like Brian Cousin can be found on

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