Inspired By Her Mother, Career, Transplant Nurse Altruistically Becomes Organ Donor

I decided to be a living Kidney donor uh
because of my exposure to the world of
transplants I am a post- liver
transplant coordinator here at Mayo
Clinic we deal with people who have been
really sick uh either very acutely or
for a really long time and it’s pretty
incredible to get to see people with a
new lease on life a living Kidney donor
chain is when someone either alteristic
donates a kidney meaning donates a
kidney with not a specific individual in
mind that can start a chain effective
donors my mom was diagnosed with early
on set dementia I think as someone who
has had a loved one with a chronic
health condition and feeling kind of
helpless to do anything um it then put
me in a position where we’re when there
was an opportunity to make a difference
I felt pretty motivated I think because
I had so much trust in my care team here
um I really I really didn’t feel nervous
and I felt very confident in my my
decision to donate just the level
attention here at Mayo Clinic I think is
is really unique my coordinator was so
incredibly accessible um really really
fast with her response really took my
questions or concerns seriously
Stephanie’s story is an Inc incredibly
motivating story we have somebody who
has really given her career to
transplant as a nurse taking care of
patients and then to really be motivated
to donate a kidney to start a chain and
really influence the lives of complete
strangers going forward I think her
story is just incredible of really
practicing what we preach in the
transplant Community I think my mom
would be really proud about my kidney
donation the value she instilled me with
uh from the time of my childhood have
carried on

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