Illinois Secretary Of State Encouraging Residents To Register As Organ Donors

well it’s National Donate Life month and
today Illinois Secretary of State is
urging illinoisans to sign up to be
donors they welcome donor families to
the state capital building today
Secretary of State’s office oversees the
organ and tissue donor registry in
Illinois the state has one of the
largest Registries in the entire country
get this with more than 6 million donors
that translates to about 2,000
transplants each year
but we must and we can do better we have
to raise awareness this is our chance to
literally save
lives about 300 illinoisans die every
year waiting for a transplant and
approximately 4,000 people Reign on the
wait list at any given time we have
posted more information about how you
can become a donor just head over to our
website and click on as seen on

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