Husband Selling Aloe Plants In Hopes Of Finding Kidney Transplant For His Wife

Adriana Rodriguez, a speech pathologist from the northwest side, is especially thankful this Mother’s Day for the kidney her mother donated to her when she was a child. Now facing kidney failure again, Adriana urgently needs another transplant. Her husband, Kevin Rayons, has devised a creative approach to raise awareness and find a living donor by selling aloe plants. This initiative aims to connect with potential donors who can provide the life-saving organ Adriana desperately needs.

Adriana’s health challenges began at the age of six when she was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, a kidney disorder. Her mother’s donation allowed her to live 27 years without significant issues. However, nearly two years ago, her kidneys failed, forcing her onto dialysis and placing her on a long waiting list for another transplant. Kevin’s campaign is not only a means to spread the word but also a heartfelt plea for help to find a donor who can give his wife a new lease on life.

As Adriana endures the difficulties of dialysis, which complicates the success of future transplants, her husband’s efforts have become a beacon of hope. The couple has created a Facebook page, “Kidney for Adriana,” to provide updates and connect with potential donors. Additionally, those interested in becoming a directed donor can visit to apply. The family’s journey underscores the profound impact of organ donation and the enduring hope it brings.

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