Hockey Writer Aaron Portzline Receives Kidney From Member Of The Blue Jackets Organization

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) has been a looming concern for Aaron Portzline, given its prevalence in his family—both his mother and brother required kidney transplants. Diagnosed over 20 years ago, Aaron was aware that he would eventually face kidney failure. This reality hit home recently, and for the past seven months, he has undergone grueling dialysis treatments three times a week while maintaining his job covering the Blue Jackets hockey team.

Portzline’s situation seemed bleak as he awaited a compatible donor, enduring failed matches and the physical toll of dialysis. However, hope was restored when he received the life-changing news of a successful match. The remarkable twist in his story came when he discovered that his donor was none other than Lindy Noll, a member of the Blue Jackets’ media relations team. Noll, moved by the support Aaron had received and inspired by a personal loss, decided to donate her kidney, saving Aaron’s life.

Lindy Noll’s altruistic act has significantly improved Aaron’s health and extended his life expectancy. The Blue Jackets’ community values deeply rooted in philanthropy are exemplified by Noll’s donation. Her gesture has transformed her from a colleague to a hero and a cherished member of Aaron’s extended family. This act underscores the powerful impact of organ donation and the profound connections it can foster.

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