‘Give The Gift Of Life’: Local Organ Transplant Recipient Encourages Others To Register As Donors

a local man who’s a recipient of two
organ donations wants everyone to
consider being an organ donor this month
that’s because April is National Donate
Life month it’s a period dedicated to
spreading the message about being an
organ eye and tissue donor news for Jack
reporter khil makok shares more what
does this jacket mean to you I was uh
part of Team USA for the 2001 World
Games in Japan coob Japan Adolf kabooki
is explaining what this jacket from the
2001 World transplant games means to him
because of him competing in that game a
writer with the Florida Times Union
wrote about him and another man from
Jacksonville in this article I think I
see your name right there your last name
that’s a possibility it’s titled
transplanted lives lead to transplant
games let talk to me about what organs
you received I received a kidney and a
pancreas kabooki dealt with diabetes
from childhood had diabetic retinopathy
an eye condition that can cause vision
loss and blindness in people who have
diabetes and began to have kidney
failure leading to those transplants
nearly 28 years ago in 1996 basically a
new lease on life absolutely since then
he’s been a huge advocate for organ
donation according to the latest data
from the organ procurement and
transplantation Network more than 46,000
organ transplants were performed from
both living and deceased donors in 2023
a nearly 9% increase from the year
before numbers kabooki is proud of and
says should be highlighted during this
month which is used to bring awareness
to registering as an organ donor
something he says everyone should do
when you pass you don’t need the organs
anymore so to give the gift of life to
help someone else in their quality of
life give them a second life a second
chance again immeasurable c makok
channel 4 the local station

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