Five-Year-Old’S Youthful Spirit Leads Family Through Long Wait For A Heart Donor

A local 5-year-old boy, Bryson Morris, has spent months at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital awaiting a heart transplant. Despite his challenging predicament, Bryson maintains his youthful spirit, filling his days with energy and joy. His mother, Leilani, recounts how they’ve celebrated Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, and his birthday in the hospital. Born with a condition that severely hampers the development of the left side of his heart, Bryson’s life depends on a continuous IV medication that he can only receive in the hospital.

Dr. Eric Fransen, Bryson’s pediatric transplant cardiologist, explains the necessity of Bryson’s hospital stay due to the constant medication needed to support his heart function. To help Bryson cope with his extended hospital stay, his room has been filled with his favorite superhero items, creating a familiar and comfortable environment. Hospital staff emphasize that children like Bryson cope better when surrounded by playful and familiar elements. Bryson’s parents are deeply involved in his care, with his mother taking a leave of absence from her teaching job and his father joining them after work as a speech pathologist.

Bryson has moved up the transplant list from 16th to 3rd, a significant development that brings hope to his family. However, they are acutely aware that the good news they hope for will come at the cost of another family’s loss. Leilani expresses a deep sense of gratitude for the potential donor family, recognizing the profound impact their gift will have. Until that moment arrives, the hospital staff continues to support Bryson’s milestones, drawing on his journey to aid future patients in similar situations.

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