First-Ever Multi-Organ Transplant Performed On California Doctor

all right this is amazing doctors in
Chicago say they have performed the
first ever multi-organ transplant on a
cancer patient that’s amazing well this
patient was a California doctor with
Advanced stage lung cancer Bradley
Blackburn has more on this complex and
life-saving procedure no harness on the
treadmill he’s going rogue Dr Gary
Gibbon is walking taller just 6 months
after receiving two new lungs and a
liver last year doctors diagnos knows
the California lung specialist with
stage three lung cancer the irony is not
lost on me that as a pulmonologist
allergist and
immunologist it was shocking to receive
a diagnosis of lung cancer Gib underwent
chemotherapy radiation and immunotherapy
but the treatments destroyed his lungs
and damaged his liver Beyond repair in
September he was flown to Northwestern
Medicine in Chicago for life-saving
surgery something of this magnitude had
never been done in a patient with active
cancer Dr anit Barat removed Gibbon’s
cancer-ridden lungs and transplanted the
new ones taking care to clear his
Airways and chest cavity of what could
be billions of Highly resistant cancer
cells we use some of those same
principles that we used in covid
transplants to apply to patients who
have those Advanced lung cancer to
carefully take those lungs out without
spilling even a single cancer cell in
the bloodstream all the while Gibbon’s
donor liver was inside this box a
relatively new technology supplying the
organ with warm oxygenated blood keeping
it alive until transplantation we’re in
a Renaissance of transplantation right
now today Gibbon is cancer-free doctors
presented him with a new stethoscope to
listen to his new lungs anyone who uh
came into contact with me and took care
of me is is an angel forever in my in my
life he just celebrated his 69th
birthday and is hoping for many more
Bradley Blackburn CBS News News New York
cancer of the lungs are the leading
cause of cancer related deaths in the US
with more people dying of lung cancer
than colon breast and prostate cancers
combined my goodness

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