Families Mark Anniversary Of Life-Saving Pediatric Domino Heart Transplant

two families celebrated the anniversary of life-saving surgeries that marked a significant medical milestone. Mia and Brooklyn, both born with congenital heart defects, owe their thriving lives to groundbreaking procedures at New York Presbyterian. In a historic first, the hospital performed a pediatric domino heart transplant, wherein Mia received a full heart transplant and her healthy valves were subsequently donated to Brooklyn, who required a partial heart transplant.

A year after the surgeries, both girls are flourishing. Their families, bonded by this extraordinary experience, reflect on the remarkable journey. “Seeing Mia and Brooklyn interact is so heartwarming. It’s just so nice to see these two girls who didn’t know what a future really looked like, doing so well,” shared one of the parents. The successful operations and the girls’ recovery underscore the advances in pediatric heart surgery and the profound impact of organ donation.

The families commemorated the occasion with a heart-themed celebration in Manhattan, complete with red and white decorations, desserts, and matching dresses for the girls. The event not only highlighted the miraculous outcomes but also the unique and enduring bond between the two families, brought together by an act of extraordinary medical innovation and generosity.

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