El Reno Man Struggles With Transplant Medication Costs After Nft Collapse

Michael has faced significant medical challenges over the past year, including a liver transplant in 2023 and numerous hospital visits due to infections. Recently, he encountered a new obstacle: the sudden loss of funding for essential medications. Previously, he relied on donated funds managed by the National Foundation for Transplants, which directly paid the pharmacy for his prescriptions. However, the foundation recently ceased operations, leaving Michael without access to approximately $1,800 in donated funds that he had intended to use for his medications.

In the wake of the foundation’s closure, Michael discovered that the remaining funds could not be transferred to another organization or refunded to donors. Although he received a list of alternative foundations, the loss of the existing funds has left him in a difficult financial situation. For the time being, Integris Baptist has stepped in to cover the cost of his medications, including crucial anti-rejection drugs, but the duration of this support remains uncertain.

The National Foundation for Transplants issued a statement explaining that contributions were donated for discretionary use in support of its mission, and tax laws prevent earmarking donations for specific individuals. As a result, all remaining funds were used to serve transplant patients before the foundation’s closure, with no funds left for distribution. Michael now faces the uncertainty of how long his current medication support will last and continues to seek sustainable solutions for his ongoing medical needs.

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