East Tn Woman Out Of Surgery After Receiving Second Heart Transplant In Nashville

A Tennessee woman, Jordan Hensley, is recovering well after undergoing a second heart transplant. Her mother shared an update, stating that the surgery, which began shortly before midnight, was successful. This heart transplant journey has been ongoing since February, with Jordan facing a slim 20% chance of finding a suitable match. Remarkably, this fifth heart was such a good match that doctors did not need to take additional measures they had previously considered.

Jordan received her first heart transplant at the age of 12, and that heart served her well for nearly 17 years, surpassing the typical decade-long lifespan for most donated hearts. Earlier this year, her health declined significantly, and initially, doctors deemed her an unsuitable candidate for another transplant. However, her mother persisted, and last month, Vanderbilt University Medical Center placed her on the transplant list.

Now, Jordan is out of surgery and showing positive signs of recovery. Her story underscores the importance of perseverance and advocacy in the face of medical challenges, offering hope to many in similar situations.

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