Desperate Mother Seeks Kindness From Strangers For Life-Saving Kidney, Yearning For Normalcy

Grand Rapids mom Angelina Martinez was shocked to find out she was in heart and kidney failure during a routine checkup seven years ago. After years of dialysis treatment, she finally qualified for a transplant. Now, Angelina is asking anyone willing to get tested to consider donating a kidney to her. Despite not finding a match yet, she remains hopeful for a better life post-transplant. For more information on how to help Angelina, visit

A Grand Rapids mother, Angelina Martinez, received a life-altering diagnosis seven years ago after a routine checkup revealed she was in heart failure. Two years later, she found herself in kidney failure, requiring dialysis three times a week for the past five years. Despite her heart condition initially preventing her from being eligible for a transplant, lifestyle changes enabled her to join the transplant list six months ago.

Now in need of a new kidney, Martinez is urging the community to get tested in hopes of finding a match. While she has not yet found a donor, Martinez remains hopeful and excited for the possibility of life after transplant. Grateful for the support she has received so far, she plans to use her experience to help others facing similar challenges in the future.

With the help of her children and a push from her community, Martinez remains optimistic about a future beyond dialysis. She awaits a life-saving transplant and hopes to continue living graciously and appreciatively after receiving the gift of a new kidney. Those interested in assisting Angelina Martinez can find more information on how to help on the 13 on your side website.

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