Check Your Health   Life Saving Medical Milestone

check your health is sponsored by Inter
Mountain Health and the Utah Department
of Health and Human Services it’s
National Donate Life month across the
country 103,000 people are on the
transplant list in Utah 885 people are
currently waiting for a kidney liver
pancreas heart or lungs when you list
73,000 people and you only transplant
46,000 people there’s a significant Gap
and if people are listed for a
transplant and there’s a Gap there are
people dying but there is hope in
Mountain recorded another
record-breaking year of transplants for
2023 up 38% from the year before death
is not acceptable creating opportunities
is the only solution to death living
kidney donation saves thousands of lives
each year since the body can perform
with just one kidney doctors say it’s
safe and donors don’t have to be related
to the recipient we talk about heroes
there are very few true heroes But A
Good Samaritan donor is an individual
who never needed an operation who has a
risk of dying from the operation or be
very small and yet they say I want to
help a Community member with living
donor transplants surgery can be
scheduled faster removing one person
from the waiting list and ensuring the
next person won’t have to wait as long
so they are like our Navy Seals they put
themselves on the line for someone else
because they want to help in that moment
an individual in need they’re the people
I admire the the most and they’re the
people that will change our world share
with your family if you decide to donate
after you die and check the box when
renewing your driver’s license Mary
Nichols check your health

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