Celebrating The Final Gifts Of Organ Donors

welcome back organ donation is one of
the most selfless and impactful parting
gifts a person can leave this world
before they pass on and today the
governor’s office honored those
individuals whose wishes helped give the
gift of Life mtn’s Tom Buchanan
reports here at the governor’s Gift of
Life award ceremony Oregan donors from
throughout the state were remembered
friends and family members of the
deceased were given gift of Life Awards
in honor of their loved ones final
parting gifts lieutenant governor
Kristen jurus presented the awards to
their loved ones 38 organ donors were
honored nearly 200 people in Montana are
waiting for an organ transplant each
donor can save eight lives and enhance
over 75 more Carter Hearn died last
August at the age of 25 after a
motorcycle crash he um grew up in
Colorado and California and then moved
to Montana for college but found his
calling and carpentry and the love of
the outdoors in Montana he loved to hike
and fish and Hunt Carter had been an
organ donor since first receiving his
driver’s license just a week before his
death he had renewed his license and
renewed his decision to be an organ
donor Carter’s mother Sonia who
instilled in him this selfless act says
that his decision is a way for him to
continue to give even after passing on
it’s it’s deeply touching to realize
that even though the Carter is not here
with us today that those lives that were
probably in a state of
despair are now changed for for a a very
long time and it it’s extended their
lives and so it’s a way to make you know
something positive out of such a sad
tragedy lieutenant governor Kristen
jurist says she has two grandchildren
who have cystic fibrosis and may one day
need lung transplants
well it is one shred of joy that you can
pull out of the death of a loved one is
to know that because of them their life
continues we heard just some very
heartfelt stories today it’s bittersweet
we’re honoring and rejoicing in the
lives of the ones we have lost as well
as the lives that continue because of
this gift they made the governor’s
office of community service recently
received approval for an outdoor
Memorial on the capital complex to be
called the threshold of life for
families and friends to honor those who
are impacted by organ donation a model
of the memorial was showcased at the
event if you would like to become an
organ donor you can either do so when
you renew your license or through
donatti mt.org reporting in Helena Tom
buan in MTN news

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