‘A Perfect Match’ | Moms Bonded By Life-Saving Organ Donation Finally Meet In Person

Christian Foley traveled all the way from Montana to share memories of her little boy landed pictured in this blanket. He was just three years old when he was crushed by a dock by the lake. He was immediately taken to the closest emergency room in Helena Montana.

And then we were life flighted to Spokane, the children’s hospital. And right away, they told us that he wasn’t gonna survive the medical team. Then had an ask and did we want to do organ donation? And of course, it was an uncomfortable

Thing for the doctors, but there was no question in my mind. I said yes, immediately. Meantime, here in Indianapolis, little Maddie Guzman Maya was waiting born with a rare defect. She spent most of her childhood at Riley Hospital. There were times where she was completely like, really,

Really sick and we told her she wasn’t gonna make it. Maddie needed a multi visceral transplant. That’s a liver, stomach, pancreas and intestine implanted simultaneously. It’s, it’s very complex, especially in a small child. Maddie’s mom remembers getting the call in the middle of the night.

Basically, they told us yes, it is a perfect match. Uh She’s gonna go into surgery in a few hours next month, will mark the eight year anniversary of the transplant surgery. Since then, Madeleine has been doing so good. She was just a really happy young girl.

Now she can eat regular food, go to school, take dance class. I feel thankful like very, very thankful that Christian gave me a second chance of life. Several years in the two families connected through a letter and then social media and hoped for this day when they could finally meet in person

Just to see her. I just felt like I can see, I don’t know. I said I got to hug Mary and I got to hug my son. It’s a deep connection between two families bonded together, forever seeing her grow. It’s, it’s the best gift they have ever ever given us.

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