4-Year-Old Receives Lifesaving Heart Transplant After Waiting 1,025 Days

we waited for this heart for 1,025 days
her transplant surgery was on March 29th
and at 617 they called us tell us that
her new heart was beating and I would
probably say the first time since
November of 2021 was the first time I
felt like we could breathe it was like a
birth it was
amazing her right atrium was the size of
the rest of her heart heart was
rib cage to rib cage all the organs were
compromised because of the the size of
her heart from this dysfunctional valve
so if your heart doesn’t function your
whole body doesn’t function and so now
we have to watch her liver and her
kidneys and her lungs and
what are we going to do when we go home
see the Ducks and the port you want go
for a walk in the park yeah 11 12 13 14
you have 14 balloons yeah has anybody
verified this number n no I’ve had so
many people say that oh there it’s such
a such mixed emotions it’s so hard you
must feel so much grief for the family
who lost their child and while I can see
where they’re coming from the word is
not grief it is gratitude and my
responsibility is not to grieve with
them but to do exactly as they had hoped
which is to live and fulfill that
privilege that I have to raise her and
let her experience every joy that can be
felt and I’m not talking Disney World or
the Grand Tetons or anything I’m talking
Blades of grass and clouds in the sky
and and the feel of like the rain
falling down on her or having a cold cup
of water she is the strongest person I
have will ever have the privilege of
meeting and she wakes up every morning
and she just Smiles is the sun awake yet
mommy I look at each day now as a
privilege and an honor to
live with her and let her live

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