14Th Annual Green Chair Donate Life Sit-In Highlights Importance Of Organ Donation

well every day as I said before we went
to break every day in the US 20 people
die while waiting for a life-saving
organ transplant and that is why life
connection of Ohio moved into our
Newsroom for 24 hours yesterday and this
morning taking a seat in order to take a
stand and making sure the green chair
never sat empty Amanda Fay looks back at
the touching stories she wouldn’t be
here today if a family had not said yes
to organ donation because death was
knocking at her door it was just a
matter of days now 18 years later Ali
her is thriving and her family was able
to see her grow up she’s one of many
stories shared over the course of our
24-hour Donate Life green chair sit in
including 5-year-old emilyn who received
a heart and now has big plans to
celebrate her birthday at Cedar Point
this summer the memories that we’ve been
able to make are because of that gift
and and that’s what ad donor family does
for recipient families um especially in
our case where she wouldn’t have
survived but for every life extended
that means another was cut short but
donor families say knowing their loved
one died a hero helps them heal for us
as a donor family it was such a tragic
and unexpected event that having
something so positive come from
something so negative just kind of giv
us a sense of peace and helped us
navigate that grief Journey the family
say it’s also provided a family and
support system and allowed them to
continue making memories as their loved
one lives on in someone else just this
weekend we attended one of the
recipients Ashley she received his
kidney and we were able to attend her
wedding life connection of Ohio says
more than 100,000 people are currently
waiting for life-saving organ
transplants in the US including 2500
Ohioans those who have received that
life-changing phone call say they
couldn’t be more grateful you go from
being a mother of a
three-year-old that you can’t do
things to getting the gift of life it’s
a simple process to say yes we have the
link on wt.com for
wt1 I’m Amanda Fay always such a
touching part of our year here at w I
always look forward to that a lot of
great stories that are shared over 24
hours really something could go on much
longer as well but nice to have the
spotlight for that time

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