11-Year-Old Long Island Girl Gets Life-Saving Kidney Donation From Older Brother

An 11-year-old girl from Long Island is back to enjoying her favorite activities, thanks to a kidney donation from her 30-year-old brother. Emily Alano, who adores Barbie and the color pink, received a life-saving kidney transplant from her brother Daniel. Emily was born with a single kidney that functioned poorly due to a rare genetic disorder affecting her kidneys and hearing. As her condition worsened, especially after Christmas, the need for a transplant became urgent.

Daniel, upon learning he was a match, did not hesitate to donate his kidney. The transplant, performed after Emily’s health severely declined, was a success. Emily’s parents faced immense anxiety as both their children underwent surgery. However, their fears turned to joy when Emily quickly recovered, regaining her appetite and resuming normal activities. Her swift recovery was marked by her eagerness to FaceTime friends and enjoy a hearty meal just days after the surgery.

Now cleared by doctors to resume dancing, Emily remains full of optimism and resilience. Her brother Daniel, inspired by the experience, is pursuing a career in pediatric emergency medicine. Emily’s prognosis is excellent, with her kidney functioning at 100%, allowing her to look forward to a full and healthy life.

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