Valley Station Resident Receives Life-Saving Lung Transplant; Seeking Community Support

A Valley Station man, Edward Cardwell, has been granted a second chance at life through a double-lung transplant. Edward, who was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in 2015, had been fighting the disease for several years, but his condition significantly deteriorated last year. Doctors informed him that he needed a double-lung transplant and placed him on a wait-list. Fortunately, after 12 days, Edward received the call that a donor had become available, and on October 31, 2023, his lungs were successfully replaced. Edward expressed immense gratitude to the donor and their family and urged others to consider organ donation.

However, Edward’s health complications have left him unable to work for over six months, resulting in a mounting financial burden. With numerous hospitalizations, one major surgery, and various homecare bills, Edward and his wife, Michele, find themselves in significant debt. The couple has already sold Edward’s truck to alleviate some of the costs, but they remain five months behind on their mortgage. Despite their struggles, they have received unwavering support from their church community and neighbors. Looking ahead, Michele plans to establish a non-profit organization in Edward’s name to assist individuals facing similar situations.

In Kentucky alone, over 1,000 people are currently awaiting life-saving organs, as reported by Donate Life Kentucky. For those interested in contributing to Edward’s cause, a donation campaign has been set up through Help Hope Live. The Cardwells’ story serves as a testament to the generosity of others and the importance of organ donation in saving lives.

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