The Life-Saving Alliance: How My Horse Dolly And A Kidney Transplant Rescued Me

Sara Santi, a young woman from Kilkenny, Ireland, was shocked to discover that her kidneys were failing at the age of 18. However, she found hope in the form of a kidney donor and her horse Dolly. According to Santi, these two factors saved her life.

Last year, as Santi was preparing to embark on a dream job in the equestrian industry in the Netherlands, she began experiencing serious kidney problems. It was at this critical moment that she received a life-saving kidney transplant from a generous donor. Santi credits the kindness of her kidney donor and the support of her beloved horse, Dolly, for pulling her through this challenging time.

Sara Santi’s story is a testament to the power of kindness and the bonds we form with animals. Despite facing a life-threatening health crisis, Santi’s life was saved thanks to the selflessness of her kidney donor and the emotional support provided by her horse. This inspiring tale serves as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the extraordinary ways in which we can find strength and solace during difficult times.

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