Teen’S Life Saved Through Local Kidney Transplant Surgery.

Devin Smith, a local teenager from Mobile, Alabama, is currently undergoing recovery at UAB Hospital after a life-saving kidney transplant. Devin, who had been battling kidney failure his entire life, had been on the donor list since July of last year. Despite having made multiple trips to UAB, the potential surgeries were repeatedly canceled at the last minute. However, last week, Devin and his mother, Erica Watson, received the long-awaited call and rushed to the hospital. With only 16% kidney function, Devin narrowly avoided the need for dialysis and ultimately had a successful surgery.

Devin, a high school junior at Murphy High School, expressed his excitement about the prospect of returning to normal activities like playing basketball. His mother, Erica, who was initially concerned, now feels relieved and optimistic about Devin’s future. She credits the doctors and nurses at UAB for Devin’s remarkable healing and believes that the kidney transplant was a perfect match. Erica encourages others facing setbacks to remain resilient, emphasizing that the eventual success will make all the previous challenges worthwhile. The family has set up a GoFundMe page to assist them during Devin’s recovery.

Devin and Erica will be staying in Birmingham for the next three months for post-surgery checkups twice a week. Overall, the community is elated to witness Devin’s improved health and to see him move forward with his senior year and a promising future ahead.

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