Successful Liver Transplant Program For Children Showcased By Pcmc

The Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) recently marked World Liver Day, highlighting the success of its Pediatric Access to Liver Transplantation (PAsLiT) program in saving the lives of young liver disease patients. PCMC Executive Director Dr. Sonia B. Gonzalez emphasized the collaborative efforts of the center and its consortiums in advancing pediatric liver transplant services across the Philippines. The number of Filipino children diagnosed with liver diseases is steadily increasing, and many of them progress to end-stage liver disease, which can only be treated through expensive liver transplantation. The PCMC aims to provide accessible care to underprivileged patients. Notably, Sophie Aguilo, six years old, and Gianna Ambal Visto, three years old, were beneficiaries of the PAsLiT Program and successfully underwent liver transplant surgeries in 2020 and 2024, respectively.

In addition, the PCMC has upgraded its diagnostic imaging machinery to enhance healthcare delivery to Filipino children. The Somatom Lumina 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology to accelerate scans, providing high-resolution images with exceptional clarity and faster scan times. The center has also acquired a Siemens Somatom X.ceed, a high-resolution and low-radiation dose CT scanner, which offers faster scan times and greater coverage for accurate diagnoses. These advanced diagnostic machines enable the PCMC to deliver responsive and efficient services to pediatric patients.

Overall, the PCMC’s celebration of World Liver Day highlighted its achievements in liver transplantation and the advancement of diagnostic technology, underscoring its commitment to improving pediatric healthcare in the Philippines.

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