Veteran Battles Cancer Anew Following Recent Treatment Triumph

Veteran Dustin Blankenship, a resident of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, is currently battling cancer for the second time. After undergoing multiple bone marrow transplants in the past three years, Blankenship has recently learned that his cancer has returned. Despite just completing his most recent treatment one month ago, Blankenship’s blood counts are low, leaving him feeling lethargic. He is currently in Houston with his family, awaiting his fourth bone marrow transplant at MD Anderson, a specialized cancer center.

The Mayor of Broken Arrow, Debra Wimpee, has stepped up to support the Blankenship family during this difficult time. Wimpee’s organization, Soldiers Wish, has provided the family with a generous donation of $3,000 to help cover their travel expenses to and from Houston. Blankenship expressed his gratitude, stating that the funds covered all their expenses at home, including rent and the mortgage. He hopes that sharing his story will inspire others in similar battles, emphasizing the importance of persevering for loved ones.

Blankenship acknowledges the challenges of cancer treatment, with chemotherapy causing nausea, injections, and low platelets. However, he remains optimistic, urging others to continue fighting and making the most of their time. Blankenship’s hope is that the VA will approve his treatment at MD Anderson, as they typically do not cover transplants at the facility. If not approved, he may have to travel to Seattle, which poses additional difficulties for his wife, who is unable to fly.

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