Brave 2-Year-Old In Uk Rescues Sister With Bone Marrow Transplant.

In a heartwarming story, Ruby Leaning, a young girl from Grimsby, England, has been cured of a rare blood cancer, thanks to her sister’s bone marrow donation. Ruby was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukaemia at the age of six and received a life-saving transplant from her two-year-old sister, Mabel. Two years later, Ruby is now a healthy and happy ten-year-old, enjoying activities like swimming, dancing, and piano lessons.

Ruby’s grandmother, Amanda Fawcett, expressed her gratitude, stating that they were initially surprised that Mabel was a perfect match for Ruby. The family credits Mabel’s donation for Ruby’s remission. Amanda also jokingly mentioned that Mabel might ask to borrow Ruby’s shoes as payback in the future.

The Leaning family is organizing a fundraiser for PACT (Parents Association for Children with Tumors and Leukaemia), a support group that aided them during their hospital stay. Nicola Brown, a caseworker at PACT, described supporting Ruby on her cancer journey as an “absolute joy.” The family is also raising funds for the National Autistic Society, hosting a charity evening on May 10th at the Hainton Club in Grimsby, Lincoln. Donations can also be made through their Just Giving page.

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