Organ Donor’S Family Meets Baby Named After Their Late Son

Shaking. This is the first time the nurse family has set eyes on baby. Peyton. Peyton is 10 weeks old, but her name has been in the making before her big sister Libby was born. So Peyton was actually one of the three names we had picked out for Libby

Before it was Libby. So once I found out my donor’s name was Peyton. It was just like meant to be Harley Duff’s donor was 21 year old Peyton nurse. He was a Cal State Northridge graduate from Lamesa who died in a car accident in 2022.

The baby has, you know, a meaning and a story behind her name. Peyton carried on that love and donated his heart and kidney to the then 25 year old father in Arizona. That’s Duffer was born with a genetic heart disorder and was in need of his third heart transplant,

Which doctors say is incredibly rare. I’m standing here today because of Peyton’s brave and selfless act. Peyton nurse was known for his kindness. Peyton loved like Jesus. He really tried to display probably as close to unconditional love as I don’t know many other people who love like Peyton did.

Peyton’s father, retired Navy captain Nigel. Nurse speaks formally about life sharing the organization who coordinate a nurse’s organ donation. And this reunion, it’s not really about one family. It’s just about organ donation and, and how important that is. But when Nigel talks about his son spend quite a

Bit of time in the military and it always seems that the folks that leave us are just the most kindest people ever. Right. And my son Payton, he speaks from the heart. He was really the nicest person I’ve ever met in my life. That gift of kindness continues to live on.

Just like Peyton. The strength of his heartbeat is a gift of life that has helped create a new life. If it wasn’t for Peyton, my Payton wouldn’t be here. It’s meant to be. There’s no other way around it to learn more about organ donation.

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