My Dad Gave Life: Steven’S Story | Green Chair Donate Life Sit-In 2024

April marks National Donate Life Month, and W1 has teamed up with Life Connection of Ohio for the annual Green Chair Sit-In. This initiative highlights the transformative impact of organ donations by sharing the stories of both recipients and donor families. Among these stories is that of Marina Metta, whose father, Steph, became a donor hero.

Steph, who would have turned 48 recently, was a devoted family man and a skilled carpenter. A member of the local 351 Carpenters Union, he spent over two decades building everything from mailboxes to treehouses. In a final act of generosity, Steph’s organs—his heart, liver, and kidney—were donated, saving three lives. Marina has been in contact with his heart recipient, who expressed profound gratitude, sharing that he and his family pray for Steph’s family and that he has returned to his passions, much like Steph would have.

Marina’s experience underscores the bittersweet nature of organ donation. While mourning the loss of her father, she finds solace in knowing that his donations have given others a second chance at life. Life Connection of Ohio provided support throughout the process, allowing Marina and her family to navigate this challenging time at their own pace. She encourages those considering organ donation to take the leap, emphasizing the profound impact it has had on her life and the sense of connection it has provided to her father’s legacy.

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