Family Searching For A Liver Transplant For Loved One

The Lopez family of El Paso is urgently seeking a living donor to save the life of their beloved matriarch, Irene Austine Lopez, whose liver condition is progressively deteriorating. On Sunday afternoon, the family gathered for a rosary, marking Irene’s 75th birthday amidst a race against time. While Irene’s condition does not qualify her for the deceased donor list, her family is fervently searching for a living donor match or exploring alternative options.

Irene suffers from liver disease, and her family’s quest for a donor has become increasingly urgent as her health declines. They are appealing to potential donors, emphasizing the possibility of direct donation to a fellow El Pasoan in need. Time is of the essence, as Irene’s recent hospitalization was described as the most severe by her family, highlighting the gravity of her condition and the pressing need for intervention.

In their determined effort to find a donor, the Lopez family has established a Facebook page titled “Liver on a Prayer,” providing information on how to apply and undergo a screening process to determine compatibility. With Irene’s blood type being O positive, the family is reaching out to the community for support and prayers, expressing their unwavering love and hope for a lifesaving intervention.

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