Chesterfield Infant To Receive Life-Saving Double Lung Transplant In Texas

A 5-month-old girl from Chesterfield, Missouri, is set to undergo a double lung transplant in Texas. The baby girl, whose name has not been disclosed, is suffering from a rare lung disease called pulmonary interstitial glycogenosis. According to medical experts, this condition causes her lungs to be stiff, making it difficult for her to breathe.

The decision to pursue a double lung transplant was made after exhausting all possible treatments and considering the potential risks and benefits. The transplant will be carried out at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, a renowned medical facility known for its expertise in pediatric lung transplants.

While the surgery offers hope for the baby girl’s future, it also comes with the uncertainty and challenges of organ transplantation. The procedure involves several complex and delicate steps, including finding a suitable donor and ensuring compatibility. However, medical providers and the girl’s parents are optimistic about the outcome and are pushing forward in their fight against the rare lung disease.

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