Nonprofit Help Hope Live Responds To Nft Closure – Available To Help Transplant Patients

Nonprofit Help Hope Live Responds To Nft Closure - Available To Help Transplant Patients - Transplant NewsIn response to the recent announcement of the closure of the National Foundation for Transplants (NFT) on April 8, 2024, the nonprofit Help Hope Live has expressed its sympathies and issued a statement regarding how they can continue to lend a helping hand to transplant patients and families affected by the transition.

Help Hope Live, a leading nonprofit in transplant fundraising support, has reassured individuals and families previously associated with NFT that they are available to provide assistance as they consider new avenues for their fundraising endeavors.

Distinguishing itself from NFT, Help Hope Live emphasized its continued growth and strength, highlighting increased fundraising support and fortified partnerships to better serve patient families. With a robust financial standing, Help Hope Live is positioned to accommodate new clients and extend its trusted medical fundraising support to those in need.

Established in 1983, Help Hope Live has been a cornerstone in providing financial help and community support to over 22,000 patient families, facilitating over 4,900 life-saving transplants. Their commitment to transparency and financial efficiency has been recognized with a prestigious 4-star rating from Charity Navigator for the 19th consecutive year, placing them among the top 1% of all charities nationwide.

Unlike NFT, Help Hope Live adopts a fundraising approach where donations in honor of transplant patients are held in regionally restricted funds dedicated to covering medical expenses for their clients, ensuring targeted support for approximately 5,600 patient families annually. With over $181 million raised to date, Help Hope Live continues to make critical medical care accessible while disbursing over $7 million annually to cover patient expenses.

In their celebration of over 41 years of service and countless lives saved, Help Hope Live expressed gratitude for the opportunity to extend their support to more patient families in need, reaffirming their commitment to providing personalized fundraising assistance and nonprofit benefits for a lifetime of need.

Help Hope Live’s full statement in response to NFT’s closure, including details about how they differ from NFT as an organization, can be found at:

Members of the transplant community affected by NFT’s closure can apply with Help Hope Live to start new campaigns and continue to cover medical and related expenses at:

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