Local Child Set For 2Nd Vital Liver Transplant In Desperate Bid For Survival.

A local family received a call that could potentially save their 11-year-old son’s life. Lucas Goeller has been waiting for a new liver, and now a donor has been found. Initially, the donor’s identity was anonymous, but it was later revealed that Jessica Goeller’s Allegheny College teammate, Allison Hodas, is the living donor. Jessica is still processing the news and is overwhelmed by the love shown towards her son.

However, before the surgery can take place, there is another hurdle to clear. Lucas still needs deceased donor vessels in order to make this living donor transplant work. Despite this, the family is hopeful and grateful for the incredible gift from a total stranger. When Jessica shared the news with Lucas, his reaction was joyful, asking if he would be able to play Nintendo switch and order room service after waking up from the surgery.

This story showcases the power of love and the generosity of individuals willing to make such a selfless act. The family is eagerly preparing for the surgery, grateful for the opportunity to save Lucas’ life.

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