Kidney Transplant Survivor Shares Post-Surgery Journey And Life After The Operation

Cynthia Teague, a resident of Anderson, recently underwent a life-saving kidney transplant after her untreated hypertension led to irreparable damage to her kidneys. Teague, who had been avoiding treatment due to the high cost of medication, eventually required dialysis treatment for 4.5 years before being deemed a candidate for a transplant. Dr. Abdul Moiz, the nephrologist overseeing her case, considered Teague a good candidate for the procedure due to her overall health profile. After waiting for about six months, Teague finally received a matching donor kidney on June 13, 2022. Despite challenges such as her immune system struggling to accept the new organ, Teague is grateful to be free from dialysis and is enjoying her newfound lease on life.

Teague’s case highlights the financial burden many individuals face when seeking medical treatment for chronic conditions. Her hesitation to address her hypertension resulted in significant damage to her kidneys, emphasizing the importance of early detection and timely intervention. Moreover, the success of Teague’s transplant serves as a testament to the transformative impact organ donation can have in saving lives. However, the article also sheds light on the challenges post-transplant recipients face, including the need for ongoing immunosuppressive medication to prevent organ rejection.

Teague’s story serves as a reminder to prioritize regular health check-ups and seek timely treatment for hypertension or other chronic diseases. Furthermore, it underscores the ongoing need for organ donors to alleviate the long wait times faced by patients like Teague. While she faces ongoing health concerns, Teague remains optimistic and cherishes her newfound freedom from the burdensome dialysis procedure and her ability to spend quality time with loved ones.

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