Granite City Elementary Unites For Orlando Day To Honor Transplant Student

Students at Frohardt Elementary School in Granite City, St. Louis, are showing support for their classmate, Orlando Bairfield, who recently underwent a liver transplant. Bairfield, 8, was born with Alagille Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects bile drainage in the liver. After waiting for six years, he received a suitable liver on January 28 and underwent a successful nine-hour surgery. Despite being readmitted to the hospital on February 19 due to his compromised immune system, Bairfield was discharged earlier on February 13. While he continues to recover at home, his teacher, Jamie Mihu, provides in-home lessons.

To lift his spirits and show their love, nearly 400 students congregated in a circle drive at Frohardt Elementary, lining up at a safe distance to greet Bairfield as he rode by in a convertible. This gathering marked the first time Bairfield had seen most of his friends in person in several months. His friends expressed feelings of emptiness without his vibrant personality in the classroom and eagerly await his return next school year when he enters fourth grade. Orlando Bairfield remains optimistic about his recovery and looks forward to reuniting with his classmates at the start of the new school year.

The heartwarming show of support from the students of Frohardt Elementary School in Granite City, St. Louis, demonstrates the strong bond they share with their classmate, Orlando Bairfield. Despite the challenges he faced due to Alagille Syndrome, the successful liver transplant operation has given him a new lease on life. The joy exhibited by Bairfield as he interacted with his friends from a safe distance highlights the power of friendship and community during difficult times. As Bairfield continues to recover and receive lessons at home, he looks forward to returning to school next year, ready to make more cherished memories with his classmates.

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