First-Ever Bilateral Hand Transplant In Delhi Restores Painter’S Lost Hands

In a groundbreaking medical procedure, Delhi’s first-ever bilateral hand transplant has successfully restored the hands of a painter who had lost them due to an accident. The surgery was carried out at Ganga Ram Hospital, where a team of skilled doctors worked for over 15 hours to transplant the hands from a brain-dead person onto the recipient. This milestone achievement not only brings hope to those who have lost their limbs but also highlights the advancements in medical science.

The recipient, a 27-year-old artist named Ashish Giri, lost both his hands three years ago when they were crushed in a machine. Since then, he had been unable to pursue his passion for painting. However, thanks to this groundbreaking surgery, Giri now has a new lease on life. The hand transplant is considered a complex procedure and requires careful precision to connect the bones, tendons, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels of the donor hands to the recipient’s body. This successful operation is a testament to the skill and expertise of the medical team involved.

This achievement has significant implications not only for Giri but for all those who have lost their limbs and are eagerly awaiting the possibility of a hand transplant. It showcases the potential of medical science to improve the quality of life for individuals who have experienced debilitating injuries. The success of this surgery opens new doors for patients in need of such procedures and provides hope for a better future. With further advancements in the field of transplantation, the medical community continues to bring life-changing solutions to those in need.

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