Family Launches Gofundme For Baby’S Life-Saving Double Lung Transplant

Nickey Flood Jr, a premature baby born in Coombe Hospital last May, has been battling a series of health challenges since his birth. He was immediately put on a CPAP machine to help with his breathing and later diagnosed with severe pulmonary hypertension. Despite contracting Covid-19 and spending three weeks in isolation on high flow oxygen, Nickey was able to recover. However, he was subsequently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, Down Syndrome, and other conditions.

To help with Nickey’s ongoing medical care, his parents have set up a GoFundMe page. The funds raised will go towards a potential double lung transplant, which could significantly improve Nickey’s quality of life. Additionally, they hope to purchase a Triton Zero chair that would aid Nickey’s development and muscle tone. The family also aims to create a sterile medical sensory room in their home to house Nickey’s medical equipment.

The fundraiser has already gathered over €7,200 from nearly 300 donations. Those interested in supporting Nickey’s journey or learning more can visit the GoFundMe page provided. Despite the challenges he has faced, Nickey’s determination and resilience continue to inspire his parents and supporters.

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