Delhi’S Successful Hand Transplant Restores Painter’S Artistic Abilities – Hindustan Times

In a groundbreaking medical achievement, Delhi has successfully conducted its first-ever bilateral hand transplant, allowing a talented painter to regain the use of his hands. The procedure was performed at Ganga Ram Hospital on a 55-year-old man who lost both his hands in a train accident four years ago. The recipient, identified as Devender Singh, is said to be recovering well after the nine-hour surgery.

The medical team, led by Dr. Rishi Sharma, connected the nerves, blood vessels, and tendons with precision to ensure full functionality of the transplanted hands. The surgery marks a significant milestone in the field of hand transplants in India, paving the way for similar life-changing procedures in the future. Dr. Sharma believes this achievement will give hope to many individuals who have lost their hands due to accidents or other traumatic incidents.

Considering the immense physical and psychological impact of hand loss, this successful transplant offers a new lease on life for Devender Singh. It not only restores his ability to paint but also grants him independence in performing daily tasks. This remarkable achievement presents a ray of hope for countless others who are awaiting such life-altering procedures, highlighting the potential of medical advancements to transform the lives of people with severe limb disabilities.

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