Couple Raises Awareness For Organ Donors After Life-Saving Kidney Transplant

A Front Royal couple’s journey to find a kidney donor for the husband has come to a successful end. Jenna and Brady DeRemer had been waiting for years for a kidney transplant, with Brady’s deteriorating renal kidney function adding to their anxiety. Jenna took matters into her own hands and made a heartfelt plea for a live donor. Her efforts paid off when a Pennsylvania woman offered to donate her kidney. The transplant surgery, performed by Dr. James Piper, was successful, and Brady has been able to resume his normal activities. The couple is now advocating for others to consider becoming organ donors and urging people to get on transplant lists at their local hospitals.

The DeRemers’ story garnered attention, as their pleas for a kidney donor went viral. It highlights the urgent need for organs and the lengthy waiting lists faced by many. Currently, around 100,000 people in the United States are wait-listed for an organ transplant. The shortage of available organs means that transplant centers have to carefully select candidates based on need and chances of success. The DeRemers hope to raise awareness during April, known as “Donate Life” month, and encourage more people to become organ donors.

In celebration of the successful transplant, the couple plans to attend a “transplant party” in York, Pennsylvania, to honor the kidney donor’s generosity. Their experience has inspired them to advocate for both living donors and deceased donors, emphasizing the importance of organ donation. Their story serves as a reminder of the life-changing impact that organ donation can have and the need for more people to consider becoming donors.

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