Cork Woman Wakes Up From Coma To Unexpected Emergency Liver Transplant.

Noreen Murphy, a woman based in Macroom, woke up from a coma to discover that she had undergone a liver transplant, thanks to organ donation. Speaking at the launch of Organ Donor Awareness Week 2024, organized by the Irish Kidney Association (IKA) in association with the HSE’s Organ Donation Transplant Ireland, Murphy expressed her sincere gratitude for having her life saved. Prior to the transplant, she enjoyed good health with no known diagnoses. However, upon awakening, she learned that her immune system had attacked her liver, leading her to be placed on the urgent transplant list. Fortunately, in March 2019, she received an organ from the UK, and her life took on a new normal. Murphy expressed her eternal indebtedness to the generous donor and their family.

The event also emphasized the importance of sharing one’s decision to support organ donation with loved ones. Individuals were encouraged to carry organ donor cards, include Code 115 on their driver’s license, or have the ‘digital organ donor card’ app on their smartphones. By doing so, they can ensure their wishes are known and contribute to saving other families from experiencing similar heartbreak.

Noreen Murphy’s heartfelt story serves as a reminder of the life-saving impact of organ donation. By raising awareness and encouraging discussions about the importance of organ donation, Organ Donor Awareness Week aims to increase the number of potential donors and ultimately save more lives. It is an opportunity for individuals to reflect on the profound impact they can make by choosing to donate and ensure their wishes are known to their loved ones.

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